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Tabletop Racing: World Tour

Table Top Racing: World Tour comes screeching on to your Premium Android phone AND Android TV! Get behind the wheel of 16 ultra-cool, miniaturised racing cars and engage in combat-racing like no other. Master over 30 table-top race tracks and over 180 events in a bid for glory, then take the battle Online and compete with the best in the world. Crush your enemies with 8 cunning 'Power-ups' and 6 unique 'Weapon Wheels' and blast your way to victory! Race in 8 player online battles and play in online or offline two player split-screen mode....split-screen gaming even works on your phone! (Two Android compatible controllers required for split-screen gameplay). KEY FEATURES ★ 2 Player Split-screen modes both Offline and Online (two compatible controllers required) ★ 8 Players Online multi-player combat racing ★ 9 Unique Game modes spread throughout the Championships. Combat, Drift, Time Trial, Hot-Lap, Pursuit, Elimintor, Pure, Checkpoint and Overtake game modes. ★ 32 Table-top race tracks set in 8 themed locations (4 tracks per location) ★ 16 Super-cool, fully upgradable, miniature racing cars based on some of the world most iconic cars! ★ Over 25 hours gameplay! Unless you're really good.... ★ 8 Cunning "Power-Up Weapons" designed to attack and slow opponents or protect yourself. Most can be used defensively too. ★ 6 Unique “Weapon Wheels” help you get an edge over your rivals and find those elusive Gold Supercoins! ★ 39 Google Play Achievements and 9 Leaderboards - including the most-requested feature from the first game a "Drift" high score table! ★ Funky exclusive break-beat soundtrack by producer Wes Smith of Juice Recordings Pro-Tips When you reach Drift mode, it's better to de-tune the car in the garage - it's not about speed or acceleration - it's all about control and handling. Pick a slippery car too. PROSPECTIVE BUYER INFORMATION: Table Top Racing: World Tour has been designed for smartphone and tablet devices that would have been considered "Premium" from 2018 onwards. Snapdragon 8xx series, Exynos 98xx series and Kirin 9xx series all seem to perform well depending on your screen resolution. Some earlier devices (around about the age of the Samsung S7) may also well work fine with lower screen resolutions, but we would ask prospective customers to try and find out what chipset their phone is running, before making the purchase. If you try it and are not happy with the frame rate and feel you'd like a refund, please don't leave a 1 star review first and then get a refund - we can give you your money back, but we can't remove your review when we do so. Thank you.

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I love the original and this would be a slightly better upgrade if only they kept the originals top down view, and no offence to the music artist but it really is not my taste, a option for bit of rock / metal would be a great addition but that's minor compared to the missing top down isometric view I love so much gone, please add it back it's a easy fix. Fantastic app. Played it on the Xbox and only recently discovered it was available on the go. Great pocket racing experience,only criticism would be that the physics of the car fell a bit off. The cars fell very heavy for remote control cars. Once you get past this, the racing is extremely addictive and brilliant for short bursts. Better graphics than the original and more challenging (but I kinda like that) , also the controls are better. Does seem to lag in places even though my phones should be powerfull enough , mainly when there is effects going on (especially the plasma balls), I think its and newer android problem as my older, less powerfull phone ran it fine!. Anyway apart from that I love it. Thank you very much It is a really good game. Firstly I don't have any problems with loading times, frame rate or battery life on my Nokia 5.1+, which is a pretty cheap gaming phone. The tracks look and drive great. The game is fun, but you'll lose a lot of races on the last corner, but driving well will win you races, so there is still a lot of skill involved. You can earn the best cars by the end of the sixth championship, which is awesome. If you are old enough to remember Micro Machines, it is like that but even better. ...

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